Will Carbide Create drill?

I had been milling with a 1/8" bit, but until I have a proper collet instead of a reducer I’d like to try my project with a 1/4 bit, seems like it should go much faster too. The only negative is pair of holes is 1/4", which wasn’t an issue before but it seems CC doesn’t want to do a plunge. I’m using an upcut 2 flute spiral cutter and it’s just in pine so I think the operation itself would be fine.

Worse case I just drill those 2 holes by hand but, I have this fancy machine sitting here so I’d like to make it do the work :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it does not DRILL or leave TABS. Two items that almost everyone has been wanting in CC. ((Carbide3D I know you are listening…how about an update, rather then some pretty little pictures)

But it will pocket your holes. IT will NOT pocket a 0.250 diameter hole with a 0.250 End mill, and unless you require a VERY close tolerance, you can have it make (I think) a 0.253" pocket using a 0.250 End Mill. A little trial and error will get you to the size that works (Ref: 0.252, 0.254, 0.255).

PLEASE buy a proper 1/8 router collet Dan…

PS: NEVER put a High Speed drill in your router. They are too soft and can bend, break, and become a dangerous projectile.

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Not sure why I didn’t think of that, sigh. Actually to be honest all the holes could use some wiggle room so that’s a great tip.