Windows 10 laptop keybrd keys Questions

Do any of you know what keyboard keys to use for zooming and panning in Carbide Create? I don’t have a mouse, dell
E6500 Latitude laptop. Similar topics don’t include this information. Or do I have to buy a mouse? Do I need a mouse for Carbide Motion (I don’t have my Shapeoko 3 yet, but soon will). Thanks you

I manage to use Carbide Create on a small tablet (Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10), usually no keyboard or mouse attached.

Zooming is pretty primitive (really miss FreeHand’s nifty feature to zoom in to current selection) — I find myself clicking on “Reset View” a lot, then zooming back in.

There are a couple of keyboard shortcuts listed here:

I found i can use the magnifier ap. What a pain. But it’s funny because to turn it off to see the full screen you end up magnifying the icon to get the magnifier box back on the screen and than magnify that box to click off. At least it’s easy to see and Carbide Create responds normally in the magnified window plus I don’t have to reset the screen, it’s always full screen. Thanks Will, hope there is a zoom key somewhere. Anyone else familiar with this situation?

@grumpa You are going to want a Mouse with a scroll wheel and right click button for designing in Carbide Create.

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Will the scroll function of a trackpad work in lieu of a wheel be suitable?

Thanks Apollo, I’ll add it to my “need to buy” list. Now I have to design an arm pad mouse pad stabilizer and drop it on the floor restrainer for my recliner where I do ALL my “work”. I could cut it out on my new shapeoko 3 when I get it. Until then I’ll super glue an old book I never read anymore to the arm of the recliner. It’ll confuse the kids, always a happy day. Good to hear from you Apollo, keep up the good work, learning Carbide Create so far is easy thanks to all of you.

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