Windows 10 tablet availabilty

This seems to have declined markedly since the heyday of Windows 8.

Curious what folks have found that works well (or units which they would warn others away from).

While searching came across:

which is really tempting if only it had one more button on the front (say it had pg up/dwn instead of the return key).

Here is my Tablet story…I only use tablets (Never a laptop) to run my Shapeoko AND Carbide Create.

For the first 4 years, I used a $39 (Ref: 7" WinBook TW700 16gb, Tablet Win 8.1). Only problem was the 16 gb memory (Since the onboard non-delete, backup (Windows) took almost 8gb, and the operating system took another 7gb…this only left 1gb for CC and CM.) Worked fine, you just needed to be creative.

Now that I am running two GRBL Controllers, I needed to upgrade to Win 10, so I picked up a:

EVOO 10.1" Tablet 32gb. This is the tablet I wish I had from day one. It came with lots of extras (fingerprint reader, Stylus Pens for Touch Screens, and a trackpad) that made this a perfect match for the Shapeoko (IMO) (Note: $69 Sale price)

Both work great!

Side note: (both tablets) I hooked them up to a 22 inch ($25 Yard Sale) monitor via their HDMI port (to DVI) for easy viewing, and a ($12) wireless keyboard (Also serves as my remote at the machine)


I am still using a 4 year old 10" WinBook that I upgraded to windows 10. I use a 4 port usb hub and a wireless trackball mouse and a mini wireless keyboard. It works fine but I had to disconnect internet access as the last windows update really slowed it down so I uninstalled the update and killed the wifi so Microsoft can’t brick my machine. Because they are known for purposely introducing issues on older machines with new updates to get users to buy next gen hardware. I only use it to run CM with it and the one time I use the internet access on it to read HDZ install documents it auto downloads an update that caused problems.

I hate how they force updates on users and miss windows 7s ability to only install what you want.


$69 tablet!

I thought I got a great deal with my $200 10" Fusion5 Windows 10 touchscreen. Anyway, it works just fine.


I run my SO3 using a $59 Walmart RCA. I upgraded from 8 to 10 when it was free. It’s been working for 3 or 4 years.
I think someone had a thread about it here or on the Shapeoko forum. It’s a piece of junk for anything else.


I’m not exactly sure what you are asking about, but this is what I use for my CM driver. I get my gcode files off the network to my main development PC. It has been working great while AC powered (UPS buffered), but also works fine on DC. I don’t even use the keyboard (detached now), because it has an on-screen keyboard. It is basically a new machine as far as I can tell.

RCA Cambio 10.1 inches 2 in 1 32GB Tablet with Windows 10, Intel Atom Z8350 2GB RAM, Includes Keyboard (Renewed)

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Some folks haven’t had good luck with the RCA Cambio units, and they’re getting a bit long in the tooth, so was curious if folks had other successes.

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