Windows 11 Issues with C3D

I have a new laptop coming Tuesday. The laptop is a Windows 11 Pro OS. I have seen a few people posting about issues with Windows 11. Since Win 11 is relatively new I am requesting any suggestions about Win 11 and C3D software CC and CM. I am currently running CC v7 721 (Beta) and CM 566.

Please give me any hints and/or tricks that Windows 11 have pertaining to C3D.

I have read in the past unrelated to C3D that SSD drives need to have some Windows 10 settings changed to prevent your SSD drive from being over worked. Any insights to that for Win 11.

Here is the laptop I bought from Amazon in the Prime days event.

HP Pavilion 15 Laptop, 12th Generation Intel Core i7-1255U Processor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, 15.6" Full HD Display, Windows 11 Pro, Fingerprint Reader, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, HD Webcam (15-eg2025nr 2022)


I don’t think there is anything you need to change for Windows 11. I have been using Carbide Create 6 and 7 beta on Windows 11 with no issues at all. My laptop is far less powerful than your new one is too. Windows 11 is not really that much different than Windows 10.

With regards to Carbide Motion I can’t say that I have experience on Windows 11 but have heard others on the forum say it works without issue as well. Just make sure if you hook up your Shapeoko to a new computer (Windows 10 or 11) and use Carbide Motion you need to go through the full setup process again. At least that is my understanding. That is the only issues I can remember seeing on the forum. Someone got a new laptop and did not do through the setup again.

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I was just wandering if any setting needed to be changed. You are correct about CM. Everytime you upgrade or install for the first time you must send the configuration. The reason is not to configure the Shapeoko but to configure CM. CM is stateless when first installed. By sending the configuration you set up the state of CM to the machine you configured for. Not sending the configuration has caused countless problems for users.

Does anyone have any insight on if anything needs to be set up for the SSD drives in Windows.

This is about an earlier version of Windows 10 and may be fixed in Windows 11 but Microsoft has a habit of taking one step forward and two steps back.

How was the update damaging your SSD?

The issue is that Windows 10 version 2004 would not properly record when the drive was optimized. As a result, the Drive Optimize tool would keep running after a restart, which means your SSD was being defragged far more than often than is necessary or healthy for your SSD.

Drives are not defragged in that way under windows anymore and the optimisation tool is mostly unnecessary.

SSD is pretty much the default nowadays and has been for a number of years. You shouldn’t need to worry about your SSD.


As far as we know, CC and CM work well with Windows 11. We’ve been running 11 from almost the first release with zero trouble.


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