Windows 11 machine won't initialize

Hey all, here’s my issue.

Bought a new computer to run my XXL Pro. Now it’s unable to initialize the machine.

Machine is only making it halfway through initialization. It tests the Z axis/switch fine, drives the Y to the limit switch, lights the switch, and then freezes. After a minute of this Carbide Motion closes. The limit switch is lit at the switch and the board lights up that it senses it. Have already unplugged and waited for a while.

Is it possible this is Windows 11 not liking Carbide Motion, or is this problem got nothing to do with shapeoko/carbide stuff? Not sure where to begin chasing this.


What about the X? Can you get a video?
This is most likely mechanical/electrical rather than having to do with the operating system.
Homing happens on the controller, not on the computer.

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X wasn’t moving. Just found the X motor unplugged. Complete user error. All works fine now.

Thanks for the reply.