Winter Scene Tree Ornament

Decided to have a change from my gnomes (anyone know what a group of them is called?) and do a winter scene bauble. Sorry for the lousy photo. I’ve not decided if I shall paint it, glitter it or whatever!

Go to For the free file.
This is great if you just want to make something quickly and uses up scraps. Made from 4mm plywood.
The file has a star at the top but I broke it off, that bit might need a bit of an edit if you want to keep it there!


A look in my fable creatures lexicon tells me that a group of gnomai or gnomes are called a donsy.


Well I definitely have one of those now, I’ve got 10 Gnomes! The answer seems to vary according to source, the other one I have come across is a ‘lawn’ of gnomes. A Fables fan, hmm? I was brought up on Aesop’s Fables!

Me too, but I guess almost every child have read/heard them, the story of the tortoise and the hare exists in nearly every culture.

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