Wireless Pause?

I made the modification to add a physical pause button (using an e-stop button from Amazon) to my machine. It’s under the router, built into the table and I rarely use it because I’m rarely standing there… I’m usually in the room doing something else, & sometimes not even in the room. That got me thinking - could a wireless pause button/switch be made, that I could carry with me? I came here to see if anybody’s done it & all I found were suggestions to use CM’s remote functionality.

I don’t know if this would work, but what about using something along these lines:

Curious. Thanks.

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Do you want a feed hold or an E-stop (kill power)?
I’d think something like this should work for a feed hold / resume.



Here’s what I bought:

Relay Switch DC 12V Wireless RF Remote Control Switch 433Mhz One 1-Channel with Two Transmitters

It’s got a nice big single button. A single press pauses the cut & CM shows ‘Door Open’ just as pressing the physical feed hold button would. the second press ‘closes the door’ and I can resume the cut in CM.

Thank you Neil!

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