Wiring problem fixed, Thank you Carbide3D!

I received my new SO3 XL the other day and the hello world job was just a squiggly line. Long story short, I trouble shot it down to the female cannon plug on the left Y stepper motor’s extension wire.
So I sent an email to support in the middle of the night. By that morning, when I checked my email, Edward Ford had already responded asking for clarification about which extension (short or long) and to assure me he would overnight it.
Within hours I received an email from Edward telling me that my part was already given to FedEx and I have already received it this morning (the next day).
There is no way this could have been fixed any faster. The part is in and working fine.


Great news. They really are working hard to get things right. I received my shipments today. This stuff just happens when you’re trying to be agile and shortening the very long development times most companies have with new or modified projects. Good job Carbide.

Although I did answer @DrFred’s email - our customer service is a team game. Everyone at Carbide3D does whatever we need to do to fix problems if they come up and help people who are having issues. We sent you a bad extension so it was on us to get you fixed ASAP.

I changed the topic title a little. Because although I appreciate the thanks - it really belongs to the entire Carbide3D team :slight_smile:

We are glad that you’re up and running and can’t wait to see what people start making with their new machines!