Wood Clock Tick Tock

(Gary Lamon) #1

Built a couple before, but this is all done on a ShapeokeXXL.

Custom design using Draftsite, epicyclic gears from poplar, escape wheel is oak, back is birch plywood.

Just got it ticking, bit more sanding to do and finishing. Need to make a face etc.

Tick Tock.:slight_smile:


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(thebsuguy) #2


Are you willing to post plans? I would love to size it down by 75%


(Gary Lamon) #3

Sure. Give me a few days to clean up my drawing (might be a week,
depending on what mood I’m in when I get off work :smiling_imp:.)
But I’ll post it for you. (I’m new here, I’m assuming we can we post files on here?)


(William Adams) #4

Yes, anything done on a Carbide 3D machine is on topic! (If you have a different machine, we’re a bit more lenient over on the older Shapeoko forums at: http://www.shapeoko.com/forum/index.php — list of more at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Online_resources#Additional_Forums


(Tom Richardson) #5

That’s awesome! I’d love to try making one of those! Very nice work!

BTW, I almost never use exclamation points and you earned three of them!..make that four.



(Apollo Crowe) #6

Wow, I would love to hear more about your process, what software did you use for the design?

Beautiful Work Gary!


(Gary Lamon) #7

Ok. Here are the Cad drawings. I included dwg and dxf, some pictures to clarify, and a ReadMe with some good info.

Best wishes,
PlanetClock.zip (2.2 MB)


(Gary Lamon) #8

Ok. I can’t say enough about Draftsight. Love this program. Anybody that is used to AutoCad will have almost no learning curve. Also “Gearotic Motion.” Sounds like a bad porno movie, but it is a great gear design program.

There is a nice online utility for Cycloidal gears too.


(Brandon) #9

Wow, I can’t wait to work on this clock. Thank you for posting!

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(thebsuguy) #10

Im a huge Fustion360 fan, however, seem to be having a hard time converting your file into something usable. are you able to maybe export to pdf with measurements to show teeth number / gear ratio? I think i got the escapement mechanism math figured out.


(Gary Lamon) #11

AutoDesk has a really nice free utility called “True View” that should open any dwg or dxf. With it you can also print to any scale (including full.) It also has a measure command that will let you pull a measurement directly off the drawing.
Gear teeth numbers for the main gears are, 40, 32, and 24 all with an 8 tooth pinion.
This gives gear ratios of 5:1 4:1 and 3:1.
5x4x3=60 meaning the escape wheel rotates once a minute.
Hope this helps.


(Bjørn Einmo) #12

10 point at least

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(Ethan Lambert) #13

For Fusion 360, to import the .dwg:
Open the Data panel at the top, then you can upload the .dwg into the project. The converters are web based.

Thanks for this! This is one of the projects I have wanted to do with my SO3 when I get it up. I have seen the Clayton Boyer stuff and wow, just wow. Thanks again!


(Kris) #14

Absolutely beautiful mate, great fun too.

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(Gary Lamon) #15

I finally got to make a face and some proper weights. I did another run thru on the gears with no bearings and I really like the way they turned out. Now the clock has only got 2 bearings on the main shaft. I used a brand new 4 fluke ¼ inch end mill and it cuts that poplar like butter. Had almost no sanding on the pinions. After I glued the gears to the pinions, I put a short piece of shaft material in a hand drill and burnished the center hole slick. If I make another, I may try no bearings at all.

Appreciate all the nice feedback guys!



(John H) #16

I’m speechless! this is the coolest thing I’ve seen anyone do with a shapeoko. Thank you so much for sharing the files Im going to cut some gears out this weekend.