Wood working weekend

What a weekend. If you are around South Dakota you should think of joining the woodworking guild. Our last meeting was this week and we had joint testing competitions.

This weekend the shapeoko helped me mill out a sign, 5 tea infusers, and laser engrave a mirror. I did have a question since this was some of the first v bit engraving I’ve done, what is everyone using for stepdown? This one took 6 hours which seems a little high.

One of the projects I’m really excited to see the first coat of danish oil on is this one.


On your Vcarve, did you only use one size V bit? If you don’t have a flat on the bit 6 hours for that pattern does not seem unreasonable.

Which program did you use to generate g-Code?

I use V-Carve Desktop, just as a rough guesstimate without the file to look at, the text would take less than 10 minutes with a finish pass, select a larger clearing bit for the border, I estimate 10 minutes for rough cutting the border, and 15 minutes for finish pass of border with the V bit.

With tool changes I estimate the sign could be done between 30-40 minutes using a larger tool for clearing path.

I try to minimize the amount of areas I need to rely on small stepovers from V-bits or ball nose bits.