Woodworking Club CNC Presentation

If GRBL became available around 2000 then pen plotters predate it by a few decades. I first saw a CalComp plotter in 1971 and the HP SweetHeart plotters (that may have been an internal code name for plotters that moved the pen in X and the paper in Y) was late 70’s early 80’s and used a language called HPGL (HP graphics language), I don’t know what is/was under the hood.

Oh, and you promised … Hypothetical and argumentative are almost the same thing. :smiley:

Very nice of you to create and deliver a presentation to a local group! If this group is used to manual wood working, you might want to add a little “compare and contract” information. So – if manually, you might use tool “A,” with CNC, we’d handle that by using this sort of end mill… something like that.

Also – for your link to the 3018 – I think you meant to have a lower price range. Also – your link seems to be generic to the main Amazon.com page. There are MANY out there, but here’s one link to a ~$350 3018. https://www.amazon.com/SainSmart-Genmitsu-3018-PROVer-Switches-Emergency-Stop/dp/B07ZFD6SKP/ref=sr_1_1_sspa

Good Luck with the presentation!

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This is so very hardcore. Hand-crafted GCODE!

Perfectly understandable, and LibreOffice is fine. It’s worth noting that MS Word and Office are free to use in the browser so are another free alternative to consider: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/free-office-online-for-the-web

Best of luck with the presentation!

Here is my revised presentation. I will not cover the appendixes. I will print the presentation to hand out to take home.
ETX_Woodworkers_CNC.pdf (2.8 MB)

Here is a link to my slide show about cnc projects.


The presentation went well and was well received. I made a bunch of tablesaw pushsticks on the Shapeoko to give away.

Here are the push sticks. I put the club name on most of them. I made a variety of styles so people could pick the ones they wanted.


If anyone wants a copy of the c2d files for the push sticks please pm me and I will send. I had a club member ask me to make him a girl push stick that is in the front left. I made it and delivered it to him. Just made of scraps which I have a proliferation of. Just cannot seem to throw away pieces of wood and/or plywood.