Work holding for tall/square aluminum?

Hi all -

I’m contemplating machining my own part to replace a broken part on my PM 1022 lathe.

The part (without looking) is about 2" round with a flat spot milled on one side (there’s more to it where I want to start from square stock).

The actual “roundness” isn’t important as long as the bearing race and hole are concentric.

How do I hold onto this square? I have a fixture plate that’s nice and flat and I’m not ready to buy a 4" cnc vise and recess it into the bed of my brand new SO4 pro (I think mounting it on top of the wasteboard I won’t have the clearance needed). The Carbide3D toe clamps don’t seem ever be in stock.

What have people done for tallish/squareish aluminum milling?

how tall of a part are we talking? you can machine in a 2" round pocket to fit the part nice and tight. The deeper the pocket the better for more surface contact.

Alternatively if you just need to mill a flat you could do it sideways. but depends on the geometry.

I think more info is required.

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Oh absolutely- I was looking for people who are using some kind of low profile vise already. I can screen cap the part with dimensions in fusion when time allows.

What about making a chain-wrench style clamp system for it?

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