Workspace tool organizer

I’m in the beginning stages of designing a tool organzer to mount on the wall to hold the allen wrenches, regular wrenches, caliper, etc. So far I’m just at the measuring stage, but I’m wondering if anybody has one already designed? I want one that the tools can fit in to and be held in place with magnets. So if you had one that was to go in a drawer where the tools lay flat, that would be similar to what I want. Of particular concern is the digital caliper… Standard 6" caliper you can get pretty much anywhere, but bring an odd shape. Anybody have a case or insert made to hold one of these?

Here’s one I made.

I’ve also done one in Kaizen foam, but that’s easier - trace and cut.


Not that specific design, but I did work up a tool holder a while back:

48 votes and 15 comments so far on Reddit

and tried to get folks to put files for tools to facilitate the design of such at:

which links back to the original discussion:

and has some notes on cutting foam.


Yeah, cigar box here

And a beach sand pail for my hold downs


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