Would like to find help to save me some frustration

Hi! My need is pretty specific. I am very new, learning I think pretty fast overall. I don’t know alot though. I would like to send someone my file that knows what they are doing and have them edit it so it will do what I need it to do. I need pieces cut from copper and fine silver that measure approx 2" x 1" by 2mm thick give or take, it needs to have “cells” that are not cut all the way though, these cells I will fill with powdered glass and fire in the kiln to melt them into the cells. I can pay someone a little bit for this help or if someone can donate their time all the better as I help young women learn a trade in order to make a living. Anyway once I have a file that works I should be able to develop this same file to work with other flat items. It is sorta like the “KATE” necklace in that it should cut out the outside completely, then carve out the relief areas. It is just way over my head at the moment and I am afraid of ruining something. I posted my experience in another thread with pictures. I was told what was wrong, but I don’t know how to fix it. Anyway I hope someone will give me a hand! Thank you, Sincerely, Laura

That’s what support@carbide3d.com is for — please send in the file and we’ll gladly look into it.


Thanks Will! That is fantastic!

Voce e do Brasil ?.
E voce tein uma Shapeoko ?.


Good luck with your butterflies, two tips that my help you are:

-Use a small enough cutter to get into all the details you need
-Cut the small details first, and then do the outline, otherwise your piece may come free before you’re finished.

I hope the brass and silver don’t melt before the glass does.

Melting Points
Glass - Between 700-1600 C
Brass - 930 C
Silver - 893 C

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Just as a note, the file in question was an .stl — provided some suggestions on doing that (and just thought of one more — two separate files one to cut the pockets, the other to cut the outline) and converted it to an SVG using OpenSCAD’s projection command and worked up a sample file and notes on cutting it with a V carving endmill and a #122.

My glass powder melts at 1450F and the metal doesn’t melt, the COE of the glass is close enough to these two metals where it will also exist together without fighting each other and popping off. Most enamelers don’t go this route to get to the end result (jewelry) so I am hoping that I will be unique and be able to do some excellent work! Thanks for the tips!


I can see how this is a very good idea. to separate the two parts, this makes sense to me and also opens up other ideas in my head. hehe, that is so neat. I didn’t get any files yet? Just checking in case you emailed it to me. I am pretty excited this is so much fun!

Sent the e-mail last night: May 8, 10:58pm — and asked a co-worker to advise on the STL aspect.

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