Would like to see more powerful text options

I know someone has probably requested more powerful text options, but it would be really nice if we had it😄, such as putting it on a radius, or being able to arrange the text vertically or diagonal with out doing it letter by letter, I know I can do it in Inkscape or in other programs easily but it would pretty nice not to have to go from one software to the next, but I was just curious if it was in the plans


I couldn’t agree more with your comment. I raised this question a few weeks ago and was pointed in the direction of Inkscape. I took a look at Inkscape, SOOO many “buttons” to press, where do I start! I am still busy learning CC, trying to learn Inkscape as well would just about frazzle the grey matter. If more text alignment/wrapping options were available in CC it would be a major plus point for me, more useful than 3D, but it depends on what you are using your machine for.

and here I was just hoping to see a sample of the text instead of selecting it and then using it to see if it is what I want to use.
Sometimes I open “system font viewer” but it shows some fonts that are not available in CC or vice-versa…

You can “scroll” through the fonts in Carbide Create — set some text, then position a mouse cursor using a mouse with a scroll wheel over the font drop-down, then scroll using the wheel.


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