Wrong Harness or Operator Error?

Good afternoon!
Ordered a Shapeoko 3 XXL about a month ago and finally got around to assembling it. Right now I am as far as connecting the Z-Axis proximity switch. I located the Z proximity switch connector off the back of the Z Plus. The next step says to connect it to the long gray 3-pin extension cable labeled Z exiting the head of the X axis drag chain. I don’t seem to have one of those, however I do have two 4-pin connectors labeled Z that seem to be identical. Did I get an improperly assembled harness or am I missing something? Attached is a picture of the end of my harness. I called support but I think I discovered this problem right after they closed. Thank you.

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also email support… they are very good with that

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As noted in the support e-mail, missing Z-axis homing switch wiring extension — we’ll send it as quickly as we can.

Thank you! Wasn’t sure if that was it or if I was missing something obvious. Thank you for the great support!

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