X at entry of text

why does it engrave an X at entry points on text?

I think you need to post a picture or something, your question really isn’t that clear.


i dont know how to send a pic in this thing

Cab you upload your CC file?

On pc just drag pic in while writing post or during edit of post. On android there is an upload button, pick pic.

Is this maybe what you’re asking? In order to square off the ends of the letters, the cutter has to walk up the corners.

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The usual cause of this is not allowing a V endmill to carve as deeply as it needs to when V carving — this can be caused by:

  • V endmill too small for text size
  • stock too thin to allow V endmill to cut as deeply as it needs to
  • manually limiting Max Depth in a V carving

If that’s not it, post the file and a photo of the cutting.

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