X Axis Gantry Right Side Jumps when powering off

When I power off my machine at the end of a work cycle the right side of my x-axis gantry “jumps” ever so slightly. Is this normal? also when I watch the machine I think the right side moves more than the left side. Is this a calibration problem? Did I do something wrong in the initial setup?

Check that the belt tension for the Y-axis belts is even, and that the pulley set screws and eccentric nuts for the V wheels are properly adjusted.

If only one side moves thus after that check that both sides are actually working — remove the belts, then mark the pulleys (putting a bit of tape makes this more visible) and try homing — do the two Y-axis pulleys rotate properly in unison?

What a difference a little set screw can make. I found my problem not on the right side but on the left side. It was the set screws on the step motor drive belt pulley



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