X AXIS issue one side only

My left stepper motor is slipping, but only at certain points. I am going to attach a Youtube video. I can jog the machine back the last third, but when it come front it gets to the same spot and spins. Any ideas? It worked just find lasty night when I shut it down for the day.

I can’t seem to access the video, is it public ?
Without seeing it, I would bet “pulley set screw” (as in, the set screws on your pulley are not tight and/or none of the two set screws is aligned to the flat on the motor shaft)

Video was set to private, that is fixed. As you can see it is not the entire travel.

That belt now needs inspected and re-adjusted.
Looks like you are on linear rails, how’s the lube?
And check hoses and cabling to see if something is restricting movement.
Also, check to see if the other side is driving. A bad connection to the other stepper could cause this as well, (the side you show in the video may be trying to drag the other side as well).

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Is your belt is reasonably well tensioned? approximately how high can you lift the middle of the belt, while the machine is in home position ?

If belt tension is fine, this looks like a worn belt and the pulley teeth do not engage with the belt teeth at this position anymore. I would:

  • mark the location on the belt where this happens
  • remove the belt and inspect it (teeth side) where that mark is.

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