X axis movement

Hi there

I think I know the answer to this already, but does anyone know if there is a way of tightening the X axis more then the acentric nuts? Mine feels like it needs to be a fraction tighter on both sides but the nuts are maxed out…

Try any of the following which seem appropriate to your inclinations:

  • examine the ends of all your eccentric nuts, see if the problem nut is drilled less off-center than another, swap or replace.
  • release the nuts on that plate, prop up the plate so that its weight is supported, allow the plastic to rest over-night, re-tighten and see if they come back to full shape
  • EDIT: swap the V-wheel w/ another on a diagonal?
  • replace the V-wheel
  • switch from eccentric nuts to eccentric spacers

If that doesn’t work, contact support@carbide3d.com, let them know what you did, and that you’re not comfortable with the balance and we’ll work this out.

Thank you, can you tell me if these parts should fit:

The steel V-wheels won’t work — the diameter is different, and when the Shapeoko 2 had holes suitably placed for steel wheels it was found that even though the anodization layer is sufficiently hard, the underlying aluminum is soft enough to yield, allowing the anodization to crumble and wear away, and exposing the soft aluminum. The plastic wheels are a wear part, it makes more sense, and it’s easier to replace them at need than the aluminum rails.

The eccentric spacer should fit — the community maintains a list of parts with additional information and sources at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Parts#All_Axes and the OpenBuilds part is listed there.

One other thing to try is if you can get a hardened steel shoulder bolt which only has exactly as much thread as is needed — measure, buy a couple sufficiently (might need to go excessively) long at the hardware store, then if need be, install assemblies backwards, use a hacksaw to cut off the bolt, clean up the end and any metal filings, then turn the assembly around.

Again, if you’re not comfortable doing this, just contact support.

As usual that is fantastic thank you. Looks like I’m ordering some spares.