X Axis skipping on first rapid to bitsetter

Good afternoon all,

My machine is skipping/jerking when first tool is requested and the machine travels X negative to the bitsetter. All other movements and homing seem to be fine. Not sure where to start looking? I’ve verified connectors were seated with all pins fully seated as well.

Thank you

Edit… also I found pulley for x was loose and tightened. Verified machine is square.

Belt pulleys may be loose. While assembling our Laseoko Pro, we tightened all of the pulleys before assembling everything, as they were notably loose for some reason.

I did find the x pulley was loose and tightened it. I’ll triple check.

Also, may be a good idea to resend the config data and initialize the machine again just in case anything changed.

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resending the config seems to have it fixed, thanks!

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