X Motor wiring issue disconnect during job

Little background. Had my Pro for about a month. Have done a few projects and am learning a lot as I go.

Problem: During the last pass of a project my X Axis stopped moving (or inconsistently at best if you look at the picture) and borked my project. I stopped the cut, cleared the cutting area, cleaned everything out and started trouble shooting.

“Lots of boring trouble shooting that isn’t pertinent.”

I ended up squeezing the X Motor wire connector and things worked. Machine goes through the initialization process fine now… until this happens again.

Question: How do I prevent this from happening again. I have very basic wiring knowledge, no soldering aptitude (or tools).

Thanks you :slight_smile:


Contact support@carbide3d.com and let us know about the intermittent connection and how you tested for it and we will work out sending you a set of wiring connections which connect properly so as to have a reliable signal to the motor.

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Will do, thank you for the quick response.

You may also want to check the linear rail lubrication guide as well.

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With the machine being a month old I hadn’t thought about lubrication issues. I will take a look though to make sure that is not an issue.


Little update on my problem for anyone else who may find this down the road.
Contacted carbide support.

  1. Verify the x-motor set screws were installed correctly and firmly seated.
  2. Check that all rails were properly lubricated.
  3. Checked all wiring connectors from motor to control board for warmth or audible indications of a short.
  4. Ran the “Hello World” file three times from same 0,0,0 to see if any indications of drift or skipped steps.
  5. Manipulated each of the connectors from the X-motor to the control board to see if an indications of bad connections.

#5 is what found the issue. In hind site I probably should of done this when I was doing #3. When manipulating the electrical connector between the X-Motor and the wiring jumper I could hear the motor engaging and disengaging (kind of a dull “popping” noise. This indicates that the motor had an inconsistent connection.

Told this to Carbide support and got on a video call with them. One of the internal bits of the connector appeared to be seated much farther back than the rest of them. Support is sending out a new motor and jumper cable to swap out. I’ll update this with the results later.


Update #2:

Got the package from Carbide3D. They shipped out what was labeled as a Y Motor and YL Jumper. However, the motor is supposedly the same as the X and the jumper was the same length so I installed them anyways. Everything appears to be working fine.

Initialization sequence: SAT
Test Cut: SAT

Seems like this problem has been solved.
Big thanks to Carbide3D Support.


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