X-Rail Threads on left side

I’ve tried calling, I’ve left voicemails and I can’t get an answer. The top left thread on the left side will only let a screw go in about half way before getting extremely tight. All of the rails had a lot of left over aluminium shavings and I’ve tried my best to clean them out but now I’m stuck.

Has anyone ran into this and is there a fix besides getting a replacement part?

Send us an e-mail with a photo at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

You could finish tapping the threads yourself if you (or a friend) have a metric thread set.

I did get a call back from support and apologize for and apparent impatience. The pictures were sent via email. I don’t have a tap and die set.

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A more expedient work-around would be to get a self-tapping screw from the hardware store.

What size and thread? I’m not sure if Lowe’s would have something like that. I’m almost concerned about trying to “fix” it and messing it up and it no longer being under any type of warranty.

M6 x 1.0 (coarse) (or take a screw in to match).

Worst case is the screw strips out — you could then either try tapping the threads and use a longer bolt or arrange for a replacement part.

It might be worth being a bit more explicit about this being a metric thread forming screw rather than a regular self tapper, like these ?

It might well be easier to find an M6x1.0 machine tap though in the land of Imperial units.

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Surprising, [my] Lowe’s had a small selection of Irwin Metric taps, might have the same luck I had.

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Yep, just got a 12mm x 1.75 pitch metric tap last week from Lowe’s.

Since I’ve began woodworking, I’ve tempered my expectations about what my local Lowe’s will have by a lot. I’m going to check to see if they have one as it does seem like Irwin sells just a single pack and it would get me up and running if it is a simple case of some obstructed threads.

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