X range of travel on my Pro

I just received my new XXLPro along with the VFD router kit. I made an adjustment to the width of the HDZ. Now I’m wondering if I can reduce the width of the X travel. An 11/2” of travel to the left side would be perfect. Can any thing like that be accomplished.
Have enjoyed all the great help given in the past.
Thanks; Lyle Tiahrt

Go into config on cm. Enter your own parameters. The travel is based on homing so if you reduce the travel it will be skewed to the right. You cannot center travel of x. Just the way it works.

Edit: “You cannot center travel of x” I meant without modifying the machine as @WillAdams noted below.

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As @gdon_2003 noted, this is controlled by the settings for Travel Dimensions.

You can slightly adjust the homing position w/in the adjustability which the switches allow, and some folks have put metal extensions on their machines to trigger switches so as to adjust where center falls.

Thank you Will for responding to my query.
Not understanding how Pro works with the bitsetter, how does the router find the bitsetter? On the XXL3 I could place the bitsetter where ever I wanted.
On the Pro can I move the bitsetter? I saw how it was wired and I can lengthen the wire if I can move the bitsetter. I need to move it about 1”. I’ve added a bracket on each side of the HDZ to mount my dust collection. The bracket is metal and could activate the homing switch.
Does any of this make sense to you!!!
Again Thanks for your information

The user has to configure the location per the instructions:

Then, Carbide Motion will send the machine to those XY coordinates when it needs to probe using the BitSetter to check a tool’s length.

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The PDF file that you sent was for a ShapeOko 3. Are you saying that the Pro bitsetter works the same way and it can be placed at any location along the X travel.

The BitSetter on SO3 is moveable but C3D recommends a certain measurement from right side. The SO4 bolts on front of machine in predrilled holes. I looked at C3D site and pro looks different from SO4. However the pic could be preproduction model and may have changed. What does install docs say? I suppose on theory you could move it because you set up position in cm. Depends on how BitSetter is mounted.



The SO3 has set screws on the back that hold it on front lip of rail.

Thanks Guy for your help.
I’ve had a SO3 for along time. I just upgraded to the Pro. On my SO3 I had the Suckit dust collection and have always liked how it worked. So when I upgraded to the Pro I wanted a way to use my Suckit system. After I had the Pro assembled I’ve figured away I could use my old Suckit BUT to do that I need to move the bitsetter over about one inch to make room for the adjustment arms. Looking closely and removing the bitsetter I saw how I could achieve that.
I could never find any in depth information on the setup of the Pro. So that is why I have been asking all these questions.
You have been most helpful in answering that one problem that stood in my way.
Thanks; Lyle

Yes, configuration is the same for any BitSetter on any Shapeoko.

I just wished they had a step by step information video. I get a little nervous going into the unknown when dealing with software. I had an SO3 with the bitsetter so if all are the same I’m in good shape.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.
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