X, Y, Z values in Carbide Motion Setup

Carbide Motion 537

Windows 10 64 bit OS

I was checking values in machine setup and noted a difference from what is expected for a Shapeoko 3 XXL with Z-Plus
The value for X was 825 instead of 830.
The value for Y was 850
The value for Z was 95

Would this cause problems. I reset the configuration and the values came back as expected.


These have been updated, so the new versions should be fine — if need be, adjust as necessary.

Different versions of CC used different X values. The Suckit dust collector sticks outside of the Z foot print and the previous versions made the X travel smaller to keep from slamming the Suckit into the side rails. The values uploaded by CC stop the jogging from going past the parameters set in CC, however, those parameters do not keep gcode from slamming the X and Y axis beyond their physical limitations.

You can slightly increase X and Y parameters beyone the CC default values. Just be careful you dont set them so big that the machine can be jogged to the physical limits of the machine because you will get grind and belt slippage. The recommended values work well but for special circumstances you can set them slightly bigger.

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