XL Base to Waste board assembly issue

Received my XL several weeks ago and today decided to at least mount the waste board to the base. Simple, right? Well, it appears that a couple of the holes in either the MDF or the base were slightly off. Ended up stripping the head out of one of them. Sigh… I saw a video online of an assembly and the guy was drilling out the holes in the base slightly. Is this a common issue?

It’s not common — let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to work this out with you.

The PEM nuts are pretty hard, and the bolts are stainless, so it’s more typical to damage the bolts (which are easier to replace)

Thanks Will - I have purchased a cut off wheel for my dremel and am going to try and cut a slot in top of the bolt head to get a flat head screw driver in there to extract it. I’ll keep you posted and thanks for the reply. Maybe I was rushing and didn’t have everything lined up but all of the other bolts went thru the mdf and into the base frame plates not problem except for the two last on the end one on one side. They kept want to go in cocked…

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