XXL baseboard threaded inserts

Now that I finished my storage drawers, it was time to upgrade the baseboard to add threaded inserts. Used a similar technique as several people here I had read before with flipping the baseboard and milling the insert holes from the bottom. I had planned on using 1/8" ply between the two baseboard pieces but couldn’t get enough clearance under the Y rails. Tried cardboard as well, but the surface was very unevenI ended up making a temp baseboard with scrap 3/4 MDF and mounted both to the base with longer screws. Took a bit to create the grid and toolpaths in CC, but ran smoothly thereafter.

One question, how does CC determine what order to mill the holes? It seemed to do a line in the X plane at a time, but would skip down the line then come back creating alot of travel time.

I had to order more inserts, ended up spacing closer than I originally thought I would. But should be finished tomorrow, then on to tramming.

Order of operation seems to be based on order of object creation / stacking / layering order in the file.

If you select multiple objects used to be it would cut one layer in each object, then go back to the first for the second layer, and repeat until done — not sure if that’s changed lately — if it’s still the case you can either select objects individually to assign toolpaths or use a G-Code utility to optimize the paths.

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