XXL Distance between PEM nuts?

Looking for the X and Y distance between the CENTER of the PEM nuts (for the leveling feet). It’s a bit tough for me to measure given the weight and awkward angles, I was hoping to get digital measurement from someone on the C3D team with access to CAD drawings of the XXL.

I’m getting:
43 1/4” = X
38 3/16” = Y

I have seen such a drawing circulate on-line, maybe it is on the Shapeoko wiki.

Unfortunately the Shapeoko XL and XXL drawings were never published.

You should be able to get what you want by adding the difference between the 600mm and 40" extrusions to the drawings at: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Parts#Source_Files or https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Shapeoko_3#Drawings

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What I saw was not an official drawing, it was probably someone who made measurements and produced a 2D drawing to scale.

Thanks @WillAdams. By my math that would be 38.38" in the Y direction.

Also, I found a Y direction measurement here on the stock XXL Waste-board drawing which is 38.32".

So Y = ~38.32"

As for X I’m assuming in the same drawing that the PEM Nut is evenly spaced at 19.05mm off of Y+ as it is off of Y- (not illustraded) so that would give me 43.29" vs the 43.25" I measured.

So X = ~43.29"

As a hint, the Shapeoko was designed in metric and I expect that most measurements are a number that finishes by 5 or 0. To be accurate, I would make my measurements in metric then assume that it is to the nearest 5 or 0 due to an error in measuring.

Correct, except for the longer XL/XXL extrusions, which for some reason really are specced at 40" or 1016mm (and a few other things maybe?)

Usually not a good design/engineering practice to use both measurements systems in one product.

“Nah we’ll be fine” : https://www.wired.com/2010/11/1110mars-climate-observer-report/

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welcome to my favorite endmill, which is 2mm on the sharp side and 1/8th inch on the collet side

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Well that was made for conversion so that you could machine something metric size for those who had only imperial collets. You could also say that my favorite tape measure has metric on one side and imperial on the other or even a caliper that has both measurements but in this case, it is a unit that is engineered with both measurements. There have been cases where this type of issues the Mars Climate Orbiter was one of them. Designed by two companies, one using Metric the other Imperial and it was a costly mistake.

Yeah, since an inch was redefined as 25.4mm, some things come out exactly, so in this case 40" == 1016mm, so no huhu (so long as one doesn’t assume the 6 is an error and clip off a mm).

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Not sure where I got this but try this out.
S3_XXL_Wasteboard.pdf (71.0 KB)

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Oh, are these dimensions in that? That file is available at:

(along w/ files for the SO3 and XL)

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