XXL droop in the middle

Anyone else have issues with the XXL drooping the the middle of the wasteboard support braces? Mine bowes 5-10mm

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Can you post a picture of the underside of your Machine frame?

Thats a huge difference.

I didn’t have that much droop; but I had a bit. My solution was to place a board under it, and use the shim/feet to make things level. I attached a dial indicator to the spindle and jogged around to confirm level.

Of course pressure on the workpiece can create “dynamic” droop, if you will. In practice with my own projects it hasn’t reached the point where I’ve noticed though. How much tweaking you need to do depends upon the end result you hope to achieve.

All FWIW. I’ve probably passed the newbie stage and may even qualify as an advanced beginner, but many folks on the forum are more experienced with all sorts of different kinds of projects.


Out of concern for this possibility I didn’t install the leveling feet — instead I placed my machine on an old Yoga mat on a piece of Baltic Birch on a table I know to be reasonably flat — at some point I’ll build a torsion box.

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There is a natural sag… I posted up some results here:

5-10mm is extreme, so I’d be examining the wasteboard for uniformity. I’m still working toward a uni-formally flat machine bed and plan to use some HDPE blocking placed strategically underneath.

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Sorry I missed a 0. I meant .5 to 1 mm