XXL & enclosure for sale - SOCALp

Shapeoko XXL & Enclosure - Located in Oxnard California

Used maybe a dozen times. I now have two kids and do not have the time to spend working with this among my other hobbies.

Comes with:

Shapeoko XXL -new $2900
Dewalt router- New- $150
Dustboot - $30
Bit Setter - $120
Bit Zero - $120
Various bits $ 300-400

Awesome enclosure - built to hold a vacuum (vacuum not included), has viewing glass and wyze wifi camera to keep an eye on things. Has been wired with 6 individual switches that allow you to turn on shapeoko, lights, router, vacuum, camera, as well as 1 spare spot.

The enclosure minimizes noise and dust. A lot of money and time was spent on the enclosure. Features include a back storage compartment that can be used for small pieces of stock (we use it for tools we don’t regularly use), three heavy-duty

drawers, a vacuum storage area, and a fold out shelf to keep the laptop.

Asking 3800 OBO

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