XXL End of Toolpath Position

Just got my XXL in December and have already overloaded myself with boat projects after building the full enclosure of course…

My question is this - I use Fusion 360, and Carbide Motion to drive the machine. At the end of every toolpath, the machine finishes in the back right corner. I do quite a few cuts with multiple size tools, so every time I have to bring the machine back out of the corner to change bits and probe.

Is there a way to have the machine end by moving up in Z and then just staying put?

Thanks in advance.

Edit the post-processor in Fusion 360 which you are using — Carbide Motion (recent versions anyway), interprets M30 as lift up and move straight back.

c.f., https://docs.carbide3d.com/tutorials/tool-change/

If you’re doing lots of multi-tool projects though, consider a BitSetter?

Thanks. I will give that a shot - just needed to know if the final position was dictated by the post-processor or was a feature in Carbide Motion.

The Bitsetter looks great - I just don’t have clearance off the front of my machine to mount it there, so I would have to figure out an alternative location. I assume the Bitsetter location is entirely programmable?

I believe you can set the BitSetter where you wish, so long as it’s secure.