XXL Pro- Wiring and groans

Hi! Just bought my XXL pro. However, it came with two wires that were disconnected from the plastic connecting tab (terminal?). I’m wanting to know the order of the wires for the “x limit” set.

One side is black, red green (red being in the middle). The other is blue, brown, and black. I’m going to attempt to solder them, but need to know the order.

Also, I attempted to “initialize” my machine after assembly. About 7 seconds in, it starts to groan horribly. Is this because my “x limit wiring is detached, my belt tension is off, or alignment?

I did make the appropriate changes to the settings before attempting to initialize.

Any help would be appreciated.

P.s. have a video of groaning, but am having problems uploading it

It can’t find home without the switch.
You’ll have to sort that out first. Twist the connections and test before you solder. probably better to replace the connectors, though.


I have attached a picture of the wiring for the X limit connection. Hope this helps.

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Please let us know about this at support@carbide3d.com — we’ll send a replacement wire.

If you do decide to solder the wires together get some heat shrink tubbing and put on the wires, as far away as possible, then solder and move the shrink tubbing over the joint and use a heat gun or hair dryer to shrink it in place. You can get shrink tubbing at the big box stores in the electrical sections.


The above link is just an example. They sell packages of various sizes also.

Similar situation here, but it’s just one wire for me. As suggested previously, I’ll put together an email to support.

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All three connections look poorly crimped.


Indeed they do, looks like somebody used the wrong size option in the crimp tool.

Seems like someone’s going to be doing some cable pull tests next week.


Boss, thanks for the photo, it helped me get the correct order of the wiring to solder. Neil, great tip on twisting wires beforehand, thanks.

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