XXL Spoil Board/Holddown Options

Trying to decide how to do the spoil board and integrate some hold down options on the newly upgraded XXL.

I purchased 5 36" t-tracks from Orange Aluminum. I am thinking about going the route of adding strips of 3/4" MDF between the t-tracks (the MDF being whatever width gives me the most flexibility.

The t-tracks will be screwed down to the original base. The 3/4" MDF would be screwed to the base as well, with countersunk screws. This would leave 1/4" of MDF above the t-track to allow for bed leveling.

I also have about 100 threaded inserts from my SO3 that I could use as needed.

Thoughts, opinions and pictures of your solutions appreciated.


I’ve been considering T-track as well — I worry about hitting the steel.

I’ve been considering brass threaded inserts, but that gets real pricey on the SO3, let alone an XL or XXL.

The other idea is some sort of 3d printed grid array w/ nylon nut inserts.

My plan right now is to rout t-tracks right into a second layer of 3/4 mdf; but we’ll see how it goes. The only mod to the factory boards will be holes for mounting the second layer.

The t-track I got was aluminum, and if I put it between 3/4 MDF, I think I’d have a pretty hard time hitting it. Now the hold downs themselves are another issue. I will be looking in to some nylon bolt options and make more wooden hold downs.

I thought about doing that as well, but if I route the slots for the t-track in to the 3/4, I will have to leave enough material underneath to keep it together while still allowing some room up top for leveling the bed. So maybe cut the slots down to .15", then I’d have .10" above the .5" t-track to allow for leveling. Or maybe slot down to .10" so I have .15" on top. Either way this is probably easier in the long run than ripping a bunch of strips and having to connect each of those strips to the bed.

I thought I would cut them pretty deep, but not to the ends – cut a hole here and there for t-nut insertion. That’s as far as I’ve thought about it, I haven’t designed anything - figured out a pattern, etc - yet.