XXL stepper wiring

what color go with


If the stepper motors from C3D follow industry standards (and I have no reason not to make that assumption) then this pic should help.


Thank Mad, I will try that :+1:

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The wiring should be consistent, and all wiring extensions straight through.

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I’ve found that these are not consistently done this way. You would think it wouldn’t be so hard…

However… It’s easy to work out.

Take any two wires, connect them together (twist), and turn the stepper. Obviously, makes sense to start with a red and blue wire if there is one. If it turns easily, “discard” one, and take one of the other two. Try and turn the stepper, more than likely it will be hard to turn. You are holding “red” and “blue” now - they are interchangable. The other two are “green” and “black”. When you hook it up, if the stepper turns “backwards” swap the two pairs (ie. make “green and black” the “red and blue” pair) OR reverse the stepper direction in GRBL.


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