XXL Storage and Heat

so i just bought my XXL and im super happy right now, my concern is i use it in my garage and right now the temp is a 105 degrees out side, so that make my garage even hotter about 110/115 degrees. i unplug when not in use and when in use i have a AC running to keep me and everything cool in there… question is , is it safe to store it in such a high temp area?

the new guy

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It’s within the operating temperature for the belts and electronics — fundamentally the machine is similar to the starter system on a car (rubber belts, solid state circuitry, motors with magnets and windings) — the thing is we don’t expect a car starter to return to a particular position with precision and accuracy.

A lot of folks store their machines in unconditioned spaces — so long as you recalibrate the belts at need, and ensure that moisture / condensation don’t cause corrosion on the electronics, they seem to hold up fine.

There are some specific numbers on the wiki, but the machine has a much wider temperature range than the folks who operate it.


I’ve run mine through Texas Summer heat and have not had issues. I had a Z belt slip in sub freezing cold, but I also attribute that to my old dust boot fouling against the workpiece.



My winter garage temps gets to about 30-40F and summer garage temps get to 110+, and my machines works fine at both extents without even adjusting anything.


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