Xxl wasteboard plunge cut issues


I used the Myers Wasteboard plans on xxl and ofcourse i followed all directions. The circles came out fine but once it was time to plunge cut holes i noticed on 1st hole it was not plunging in middle and also on his video the holes were being cut from side to side and mine is going top to bottom. (I stopped machine when it was about to cut 2nd hole) also i want to add that checked pulleys,belts,screws and all is well there ! image|375x500

What’s the last thing it cut before that offset hole?
This may be lost steps, but hard to tell when/why this would have happened without seeing your setup

Here is a image if simulation. Hope this help

Hi Julian.

I will be honest, i am not sure bud. I was just lucky enough to have walk back into garage when i did and reaized the cut was off on 1st try n pause it as the 2nd cut was about to start on the same off point as the the 1st circle. I added a pic of simulation in hopes of that being able to help to come to a solution.

Thanks for helping👍🏼

Did all circles cut properly at the expected locations, before this happened?
You could rerun the file as an air cut and watch it, to figure out if there was a crash against one side between the circles pass and the holes pass. Not all machines are exactly setup the same way, so you might be hitting a work area limit.
Or…set screws (but you mentioned you checked that)

Apologies, was called into work for few hours but Thats a great idea. I will give it a try once i get bck home in a hour or so. Thanks bud👍🏼

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So Per Julian Suggestion i reran the file and i found out the issue. It was the 1 inch brad nails that was suggested to use to clamp down MDF. When machine started plunging i saw that the mdf was moving a tiny bit. You couldnt tell from a distance but i was watching it closely and so it was moving and so i i just brad nailed 1 1/4 brad nails and the issue was solved. So thank you so much Julian for the great advice. It is very much Appreciated Brtha👊🏼. Now i just have 1 question. In this pic i am uploading you will a bunch of the circles, Well let me just ask can i still use this? The holes are percectly aligned as you will see it is just a few circles that are off but i looked at all holes and they are perfect

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You are going to use the hammer in inserts?
Either way I guess you are flipping the wasteboard over, so looks really doesn’t matter as long as the inserts are flush or below the surface.


Yep, you’re good to go. Happy machining!

Yes sir. I just hammered them in. I had same thoughts on look since it will be flipped over it should be good to go👍🏼

Thanks again Julian. I appreciate your advice and time brtha.

All the best👍🏼

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