XXL with HDZ & Suck It Ears

Hi All -

Hope support see this here as I have not had a response through support@carbide3d.com.

I am running and HDZ XXL with Suck It Ears installed on their maximum positions to accommodate the heavy duty 65mm spindle mount. The XXL has been set to HDZ mode in carbide motion settings and rejogged.

The settings indicate that there is 830mm of X travel. However, when rapid positioning to the either NW, W or SW the left Suck It Ear collides with the left Y plate assembly.

When Suck It Ears are installed on maximum position there is only approximately 809mm of X travel.

I see that Carbide Motion has been updated and re-issued several times in the past week, but not one of the releases accommodates a HDZ with Suck It Ears on maximum install.

A tick box setting for Suck It Ears would be a good idea in my opinion.

Is this being looked at?

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