XXL - Z axis motor has a high pitched whine when turned on

Got done assembling my XXL and when I turn it on, the Z axis motor has a high pitched whine noise. It jogs fine, but it’s loud. Is this normal or is something wrong with it?

Some stepper noise is normal, but it sounds like this might be different. If you haven’t already, try swapping motor outputs on the Grbl board to determine if it’s the Z output or the motor itself.

Does the Z stage have a load on it, i.e. a router? Have you installed the two springs?

All else failing, a video might be helpful so we can see and hear it.

I’m sorry, I misdiagnosed the issue. It’s the right y motor making the noise, the other one is fine. It is not jogging and seems to be vibrating. I swapped the outputs and it hasn’t changed, so I don’t think it’s the board or the wires.

Ryan, I’ve had the same high pitched noise on the Z axis and Y axis stepper motors since I assembled mine a month ago. However after talking with Apoloo Crowe at Carbide just a few minutes ago they are sending me a new board. My X axis steppers no longer move. Very mixed results also very frustrating.

That’s interesting, good to hear it wasn’t just my machine. I’m just confused because I don’t think it’s with my board but with the motor, because all the outputs seem to work, it’s just that one motor that doesn’t. I agree though, it is frustrating. Hope yours gets working once your new board comes in. Let me know how it goes.

I agree, Ryan. If you swapped outputs and still get the whine from the same motor, something might be wrong with the motor itself. I’m sure Carbide3D would be happy to send you a new Y-motor assembly. They took care of me really fast when I needed one (my kit had a left-hand Y assembly in the right-hand box).

I know it’s a pain, but you could try removing the motor from the plate and plug it in all by itself. Or, easier still, disengage the timing belt so there’s zero load on the motor and see if it still makes noise.

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I did disengage the belt just to make sure, same thing. Anyways, I sent them an email and they’re sending me a new motor. Although this problem is annoying, the customer service seems to be great. Replied within a couple minutes of sending it.


Great. Yep, I haven’t had anything but great experience with support.

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I ended up calling support and talking to Apollo Crowe. I had him listen to my machine and showed him some of the results. He shipped me a new board and the high pitched sound is gone and the machine works fine. Original board apparently was bad right from the get go.