Y axis binding again, losing position

I’ve posted about this issue before found here: HDM skipping steps/ struggling in transition - #14 by acraig

But I’m still encountering this same issue. I’ve had several calls with customer support, went through thorough realignment tasks, lubed all the rails thoroughly with the vectra oil#2 twice, slowed down the rapid movement speed (which is where the error always occurs), I even put a small amount of loctite on Y-axis coupler to ensure there wasn’t any slippage, still encountering the same error.

One rare thing to note that I haven’t determined to be related was noticable scratches/ gashes on top one of the Y-axis linear rails near the black dots.

I’ve only found one other user that posted about this issue here but no solution was found. With how randomly and at inconsistent times this happens it’s extremely challenging to determine any actions I take are a definitive fix.

If anyone has any theories about what could be the issue to prevent me from chunking this $6k machine in the garbage, I’d appreciate it.

Hi Adam

I’ve responded to your ticket.


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