Y-axis left assembly plate

Looking for y-axis left plate assembly to purchase.

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If you have a faulty or damaged one, please let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist.

I forgot to mention this is for a SO3.

Depending on the vintage or your requirements this is quite easily fashioned — the original design was a flat plate, no PEM nuts — just pull one, source the steel, mark it up, and cut it out and drill holes (files for doing this are on the Shapeoko wiki).

It’s not a part which is usually available, since it’s not included in expansion kits nor replaced as a typical upgrade.

I looked at the wiki page and none of the drawings for the SO3 plates are downloadable

This still seems to be online:

and see:

Tangentially related:

Did the design of the S3060 front/back base frame change at some point? In the master assembly model linked above, the lower set of holes for the y-axis rails are 60 mm from the bottom of the frame (not including the PEM nuts) and the holes are 5.5 mm dia.

I have a rev 1 drawing of that part that shows that dimension as 57.5 mm. Diameter of holes not dimensioned:


On my actual machine, those holes are 67.5 mm from the bottom of the frame (60 to the bottom of the rail and then another 7.5 up to the hole centers) and the screws securing the Y rails are M6 (which obviously means the holes are larger than 5.5 mm):

The notable change is the switch from the old M3 anchors to the M5 PEM nuts.

Since the extrusions haven’t changed, (save possibly for adjustments by the extruder to make them easier to manufacture) any discrepancy is probably an error.

The rev 1 drawing of the frame has “M5 Press-in Nut (x 4)” in zone B2.

My extrusions (S3000) match the master assembly model and the rev 1 drawing that I have for that part number. It appears that the frame that has changed (specifically, the vertical location of the hole patterns for the y rails / extrusions).

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