Y axis replacement belts

I had a project i was cutting come loose and jamb the machine. It severely stretched both the Y belts. Can someone post the specs and maybe a link to a good source to purchase replacements. I gather they are GT2 belts. I ordered the maintenance kit from Carbide but would love to have a source in the future. Or does Carbide just sell belts? I didn’t see them listed on the site.

The belts are GT2 profile, 2mm pitch, (9mm wide for X and Y — current manufacture has steel core, originally it was fiberglass), 6mm wide endless loop fiberglass for Z 520mm long.

List of vendors at: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Parts#X-_and_Y-Axes

FWIW, I’m still using some Gates branded belts from when I upgraded my machine (serial #0006) to 9mm wide belts which I bought from SDP/SI.

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