Y axis skipping/binding

Trying to figure out why my y axis is skipping/binding. Trying to cut a grid and it starts off good and then starts doing small skipping/binding about half way through. I’m cleaning it as it runs. Thoughts?

Are you sure this isn’t the X-axis?

Please check the machine mechanically:

Per the machine operating checklist: Machine Operating Checklist - Carbide 3D , the basic points of adjustment for a machine are:

  • Pulley set screws: Checking Pulley Set Screws - Carbide 3D — be sure to check all axes/pulleys (including Z on machines w/ belt-drive Z-axis, for an HDZ, check both coupler screws).
  • Belt tension (see the relevant step in your instruction manual, e.g., Step 5 Belting - Carbide 3D) Note that the X-axis motor is held in place on standoffs and if those bolts are loose this can cause belt tension issues. Also, belt tension for the Y-axis stepper motors needs to be even/equivalent on each side — a significant difference can cause skipping on one side eventually resulting in lost steps on both. Measuring belt tension, squaring and calibration
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So I did look and it seems as if my y axis belt was a little loose. Tightened it and now it’s like everything is off. My bit no longer lines up with my bitsetter when I initialize. I guess tomorrow I will look at going back to the beginning and resetting it. Hopefully this clears everything up. :crossed_fingers:

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Still doing it. It was running fine all last night. Then this morning I went to run the stripes on this flag and it started shuttering again. It seems it only does it when doing long y axis cutting passes. Well tried to load a video but no dice. Here’s a final pic.

I went back and dent a detail contour and it didn’t shutter. So you ca see where it didn’t cut.

Repeating Will - are you sure this is not the X-Axis?

The X-Axis is the one that goes from left to right… on your machine it’s the one with the rails, whereas the Y axis is the one with the belts.

People with that particular machine have had stuttering on the X-Axis because the rails needed lubricating with Mobil Vactra #2 oil.

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The thing is, it seems to complete the Y-axis movement — it seems to be failing to make the matching X-axis move — if the machine is mechanically sound and properly lubricated and the wiring seems to all be in good condition and all connectors are secure, let us know at support@carbide3d.com

It is the x axis. My apologies. Yes everything you mentioned is good. But still having the issue.