Y axis trigger light stays on

My Shapeoko 4 initializes correctly until the very end. The y trigger lights come on but never go off and I get an error message. There’s no shaking or grinding noises. Worked fine for several days and then just stopped.
Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Did you install the Y-axis homing trigger?

Are any of your homing switches stuck on?

Please write in to support@carbide3d.com and we will do our best to assist.

Yes, the homing trigger is installed. Everything has worked fine prior to today. The only light stuck on is the Y axis

Does the Y-axis homing switch need to be adjusted?

If that doesn’t help, take photos of the Y-axis homing switch and wiring and connectors and send them in to support@carbide3d.com

How would you suggest adjusting the switch?

Bring the part which triggers it close, loosen the switch, move it towards the part which will trigger it, re-tighten.

if I barely move it away, it begins to grind the belt when initializing

also, the trigger is working bc the machine stops. the light just does not go off unless I move the switch down a hair

Please contact support@carbide3d.com — we’ll do our best to assist there as quickly as we can.

Good morning. Just tagging in to see if we can get this issue resolved ASAP. Thanks!

If you haven’t written in to support@carbide3d.com yet, please do so.

If you have, and you haven’t gotten a response yet, check in, if possible from a second e-mail address (but reference the first e-mail address/mail sent) and we’ll do our best to get this sorted out.

You and I were corresponding yesterday morning. I sent pics and videos. I haven’t heard back since then and it’s been 24 hrs. texas7woodworks is the address.

Can you verify the emails came through?

Yes, we have your latest e-mail, and it’s been assigned and will be answered when we get to your point in the queue.

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