Y-Axis V Roller problem

This machine is kicking my butt. I cannot get it dialed in whatsoever. It seems like I fix one thing then there is always another…currently I am battling with some Y-axix chatter from the gantry with a V-roller that will not get tight. I read that the v rollers should not spin freely, correct me if I am wrong…all of my v rollers are tight except for one. It is not the roller itself as I have swapped it with a tight one and still end up with the same result which tells me something is skewed. please help point me in the right direction, I just wanna cut stuff!

Here is a video: https://youtu.be/5cS-LeXLGxA

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I had something like that happen when I first put mine together, and it was caused by my belts being too tight. I don’t know if it’s the same issue though because it was all of the rollers, not just one. Hope this helps!

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That sounds like there’s something else going on as well.

Does the Z carriage move on the X beam OK?

With the power off can you slowly but smoothly move the X beam forward and backward to the full extent of Y travel?

Are you sure you don’t have an X and Y stepper cable crossed over?


I had a similar issue with my y…it seemed that

  1. My x was slightly twisted so I had to loosen my x on both sides. Then adjusted my v wheels tight then retighted one side/torque x square as I tighten other side

  2. Loose pulley on my y

  3. Mis matched belt tightness

This all added up to my x wanting to twist and bind as it was traveling.

Humor me and rapid to front center and measure the distance on both sides from front of machine…


Thanks for the advice, I believe this to be the issue since one of the wheels isn’t sitting like the rest…I ran the rapid front middle, the difference was off by 2.8mm!

If machine is square that is normally a belt tension issue on my machine

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After doing some more digging, tearing it apart I found the problem…

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Looks like it’s got one winding with a broken connection, probably just one of the wires.

Try swapping the motor connections over between the working and broken motor, that’ll help narrow down where the failure is.

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Please contact us about this at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to sort things out with you.

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