Yang-Yang using Advanced V-Carve

I saw this ying-yang picture and wanted to carve it, but the graphic was not of high enough quality to convert to STL. I ended up recreating it in CC one circle at a time. I used MDF that I had previously sanded, coated with spray shellac, and then painted black. The Advanced V-Carve function worked great for this because it allowed me to control the max depth. I used a 60deg bit. The frame I made from walnut and finished it all with shellac.


Beautiful piece!
I guess doing all these circles by hand in CC must have been putting your zen level to a good test :slight_smile:

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That’s a really nice yin-yang presented perfectly. Really great work.

Philosophically, (it’s tao I think rather than zen?) it’s quite interesting too. Your yin is full and your yang is still in the process of being filled, and so balance is tantalisingly close. I feel a Star Wars reference relating to the Force coming, so I’ll stop there.