Yet another EMPTY TOOLPATH problem

I’m trying to setup a toolpath to cut the oval holes for this panel. They are 3.1 mm high and 5mm wide. Yet, when I select a 2mm end mill to create a pocket I get an empty toolpath. Why is this? 2mm is the smallest end mill I have, and I can’t figure out why it cannot be used to carve out this oval.

IM-2131-VCO-AluminumPanel.c2d (183.2 KB)

The vectors for that toolpath have zero area. If you select one of the lines and then go to node edit them, you can drag any control point and see that the paths just loop back upon themselves.


Okay, but I’m clueless as to what I need to do. I tried a union to combine the vectors, but that did nothing at all. I imported this as a DXF. Could this be a problem with how the DXF was generated (FreeCad).

Jim, I see you have 3 options.

  1. use node editor and remove the extra nodes that Rob mentions, and adjust your oval
  2. use the circle vector tool and then transform your circle vector into an oval that closely matches your existing ovals
  3. use the square vector tool with filet corners and transform the rectangle to closely match your oval.

option 3 will give you the “straight long edge” as your existing vectors represent, whereas the oval will have the “long side” constantly curved.

Hope this helps.


Thank, Jeff!

A rectangle with fillets is working just great.

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