Your experience going with CC Pro

I have been considering going Pro lifetime. There are plenty of threads that share positive experiences with the software. I have only good things to say about my SO4 and the quality of support from C3D. My projects continue to improve in both quality and complexity due to all of the help found in the community, along with plenty of practice. I would appreciate your responses to some questions I have.

First, I am aware that there is a trial version. I have not installed it. Fourteen days is not enough time for me to make a fair evaluation, based on my available time.

Also, I do not currently use any CAM/CAD software. My CNC and design experience is limited to CC and CM.

So, are there any people out there that upgraded to Pro and decide that it didn’t add value to what they wanted to accomplish with their machines? (for ANY reason) Please tell me about it.

I’m not seeking negativity here. I want to know what other folks think about the upgrade and its impact on their use of it with their machines.

And for the support folks:
I am familiar with the idea of subscription software, but do not currently use any. There are often restrictions tied to the products. Is it possible to install Pro on two machines at the same time (a desktop for home use and a laptop, while on the road)?

And, should I choose to sell all of my worldly possessions, save a knife, saw and axe, and live off the land, is the license transferable with my machine?

Thanks for your insights.

Hey Rob,

I just decided to take the plunge and subscribe for the year to CC Pro. I don’t have very much experience with it, but I can tell you that, if I recall correctly, you are able to register a license on two computers (I have registered two computers).

It seems like the biggest benefit of CC Pro is the added ability to machine three dimensional contours; I had the ability to purchase a subscription so I’m looking to play around with it more.

I’m curious to hear current CC Pro user experiences as well. Curious what the future holds with CC Pro and its updates.


My understanding of the Pro license is that one may install/register as many copies as are necessary, but that only one should be in use at a given time.

So, a school may put it on a single computer and all the students could take turns running the program, or an individual could put it on many computers and just use each as is appropriate.

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