Youtube Influencers and Carbide Create/Carbide Motion

I see an unmistakable trend with at least 3 YouTube influence channels. Not here to throw stones so no names.

But, the pattern I see is when it comes to CNC software (and even machines) is that Carbide Create gets pushed aside in the lecture. It’s almost always mentioned in “free” software offerings but then marginalized in the next breath. Shapeoko is also mentioned but barely.

Personally I have not invested in V-Carve or Carveco. As my business grows and perhaps some of my machining needs I may be wise to do so. Just wondering if others here share they same or similar views that maginalizing CC and CM is done out of perhaps conflict of interest and real hands on knowledge?

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I’m pretty sure the only persons paid to make videos on Carbide Create/Shapeoko are @KevBarn14 and @wmoy and other Carbide 3D employees.

What do you need to know about Carbide Create that isn’t covered at:



I wrote up a bit on it at:

Arguably, it has the same problem as MeshCAM — it’s so simple that one can cover everything about it pretty quickly, so there isn’t as much need for videos as other options.

What would you want to know? What do you need help with?

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There are some nice videos by others in the community such as @45rpm

And @Merick01

The guys that are more vocal about running it as a business such as Hamilton Dilbeck and Andy Bird do tend to use other products but also may have gotten them to promote. Still their products are nice and can be good projects on Shapeoko and Carbide Create as well.


Carbide 3D’s software offerings are excellent and a great starting point. Carbide Create is quickly growing in capabilities and also has the pro option. I used Carbide Create until my needs exceeded its capability (at the time, it has caught up a lot), and still use it for quick projects. Lessons learned in Carbide create carry over to other software packages very readily, so time spent working with CC is still a valuable education. I’ve always used Carbide Motion and don’t have any plans to change to a different sender.


I have used Carbide Create since version 3. It has steadily improved. I now have the pro version but the free version can do so much you may never need the pro version. Vetric has some nice features but at a price. For a new user I would recommend CC and you may never out grow it. There are people that do more advanced things but the vast majority never need the advanced capabilities of Vetric or other commercial CAD/CAM software. So until you start bumping your head on the limit of CC capabilities keep using CC. The main plus of Carbide Create is it is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


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