YR limit switch on S5pro

Just got my 5 pro together and ran the “Hello World” file. Pretty excited and a little intimidated. I’m sure I will get more comfortable as time goes by. Yes it is very noisy traveling from home across to the front YL position. Plenty of mobile vactra #2 on ways and linear motion guides. Is there a break in period for theses machines? Wondering if that will get better. Other question is, when homing, the gantry bumps to the YR limit switch three times before it stops. Is this normal? Thanks for any advice.

The noise of the S5 is certainly intimidating, especially for new users; im new myself, one month.
These machines are designed to run all day.
The 3 bumps are normal homing operation. If not, we are both having the same issue haha.
Enjoy and stay safe.
Plenty of smart people here for any and all questions.

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The s5 is incredibly loud when you’re used to a belt driven s3 like I am. I have my s3 in an enclosure and as soon as I heard how noisy the s5 is I immediately started building an enclosure for that as well. As far as the homing procedure, mine does the same exact thing as yours does. I assume it does it several times to ensure repeatability.


The bumping is not normal. Normal operation the machine moves to the homing position and triggers the proximity switch. Likely what is happening is the switch needs a little adjustment. The gantry moves until the switch is triggered but hitting the mechanical stop at speed it will bounce back and keep trying to move to the homing switch. So move the offending switch a little closer to the trigger point and see if that helps. The bumping is losing steps and that is not a good thing.

Now to be clear when the machine moves to homing and triggers the switch then the machine has a pull off of several MM. The triggering point is setting the internal coordinates the machine uses to know where the Shapeoko is at all times. So if you home and then look at CM you are not setting at 0,0,0 but slight off that in all 3 directions and that is normal but not bumping repeatedly.

Edit: Someone below uploaded a video of the SO5 homing. I guess the 3 bumps is normal. I based my comment above on the SO3 and SO4. Apologies If I confused you. I ASSUMED something and you know what happens when you assume I make an A** out of U and me.

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Thanks everyone for the input. Guy, I will make an adjustment to see if that makes a difference. Carbide did include an extra proximity switch in the package if needed.

As a follow up to this bumping question…
It is not suppose to ‘check’ a couple times? I only left it because the first time i got it to ‘home’ properly was over a video call with Shapeoko and nothing was said when they saw it do that. Sorry if i was misleading, im glad i said maybe we both have the same issue.
I suppose i should make an adjustment then?
To be clear - it should just go to the back right and rest easy in position?

Is it making any grinding noises when it homes? I’m almost certain mine acts the same way but it’s quiet when it does it. I’ve only had it powered on a handful of times.

It used to do the grinding but now it doesnt. Thats why i figure its ok. Its a terrible noise when its not right omg haha

Mine doesn’t make any grinding noise. Just bumps 3 times and that Tony Orlando and Dawn song just popped into my head! If you guys are old enough to remember?


“Twice on the pipe,”

Did someone say pipe…?

Linear rails and ballscrews are inherently louder than belts and v-wheels. I suspect that is one of the reasons C3D has championed them for so long. Nothing good doesn’t have drawbacks. :slight_smile:

The S5P does have a different homing sequence than the previous machines. It does engage the switches once fast, then twice slower. The slower movements also make a low pitch “grunting” sound. Without a video I can’t say that is what you are experiencing or not.


Took a video but it won’t allow me to upload it.

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That describes it pretty well Josh.

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You have to upload it to another site, then link. It’s the only time I upload to YouTube. :smiley:


Here’s the link to the video of its homing sequence. Shapeoko 5 pro homing - YouTube

That all looks and sounds just like mine. So situation normal. :slight_smile:


Same as mine as well.
It did do some aweful noise before when the sensors was slightly off.
Glad youre running fine.
Stay safe

Good. Thanks guys! Appreciate your imput.

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