Z axis change after pause

Hey all. Has anyone ever had the Z-Axis plunge too far after a pause? I generated my toolpaths in Fusion 360 and it was running fine. Then I had to pause the run to take care of a dust collection issue. When I restarted it the Z-Axis plunged much farther than it should have and ruined the job. Nothing was done with the software or machine itself during the pause, just unclogged my dust collector.

I dont believe it was bit slip as you can generally see the toolpath form a kind of decline as the bit slips and that did not happen in this case.

We have a post on this sort of difficulty:

If you continue to have difficulties, let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll get this sorted out.

Hey carbide team! I appreciate the quick reply but I am not sure the posted thread applies to this issue. That thread says The Z-axis randomly plunges down at the start of the job and gouges into my stock.

In my case it happened right after a pause of a work in progress. Prior to the pause the toolpath was running as expected.

I’ll email support. Thanks again!!

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